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Governor Kasich in Ohio and his supporters are not finished yet with penalizing union workers in Ohio. The next legislation we expect to see from him and his cronies is the "Right To Work" which is the RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS. We will continue to monitor all acts that the Governor and his supporters try to impose that will adversely affect working men and women of Ohio and keep you advised.


The Teamsters Military Assistance Program, which offers CDL courses to our Veterans, Reserve and Guard communities, is now gathering information about veterans. One of the main reasons for assembling this data on veterans is to assist, when needed, in filing government claims for service related disabilities. For more information contact the Teamsters Building Materials and Construction Trades Division or by calling our office.


Bureau of Labor Statistics Report

U. S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez issued the following statement regarding union membership in 2013:

"Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that, in 2013, the unionization rate of employed wage and salary6 workers was 11.3%. Among private-sector employees, the rate was 6.7%. The data also shows that among full-time wage and salary workers, union members have higher median weekly earnings than non-union workers. The median weekly earnings of union members were $950, compared to $750 for non-union workers. Along with higher wages, other data shows that union members have greater access to employment based benefits such as health insurance, a retirement savings plan, and sick and vacation leave. Workers' ability to form unions and engage in collective bargaining has been a cornerstone of a strong middle class. The decline in union membership over the last few decades has contributed to more families struggling to get by. When workers have a seat at the negotiating table, they are better able to bargain for their fair share of the value they helped create; and that leads to greater economic security and economic mobility for everyone. As our economy continues to recover and we work to create jobs, we need to ensure workers can lift their voices to raise wages, reduce inequality and help more people climb ladders of opportunity."